You can easily transform a family meal into a social event when you cook in one of our West Michigan outdoor kitchens. At the MeadowGreen Group, our outdoor kitchens easily become the focal point of any backyard gathering. You can be known among your circles as the one who throws the best parties.

The best part of any cooking experience is the delectable smells that waft from your kitchen. With a custom outdoor kitchen designed and built by our expert team, you can be the envy of your neighbors when they smell your home cooking over the fence.

We only use quality materials when constructing your customized outdoor cooking space. Even against the harsh Michigan weather, our outdoor kitchens are durable and long-lasting. Your home improvement investment money is always well-spent when you work with our experienced outdoor kitchen design and build team.

If you have always felt isolated cooking in the kitchen while everyone else socializes in a different room, outdoor kitchens can be the perfect solution. One of the benefits of outdoor kitchensis that they bring people together in the same space so that no one has to feel excluded. Another benefit is that your outdoor living space can not only look more beautiful, but also be used more productively.

If you are interested in hiring our West Michigan outdoor kitchen designers and builders, feel free to call our office at (616) 392-9523. At the MeadowGreen Group, we are proud to serve homeowners in the Grand Rapids and Lakeshore areas.